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August Birthstone – Peridot

Wilson_Peridot_JewelryPeridot has been loved for thousands of years, when the ancient Egyptians treasured it more than 3500 years ago.  A few jewelry historians believed that some, if not all, of the emeralds Cleopatra was renowned for wearing were really peridots mined from what is presently known as St. John’s Island in the Red Sea, about 34 miles off the coast of Egypt.

Peridot is a member of the olivine family of gems and is the birthstone for August. These beautiful lime-green gemstone depend, for the most part, on body mass for its concentration of color and, therefore, its beauty. Regrettably, larger stones have become so rare that the green hue for which this jewel is most praised is hardly ever seen today.

A great deal of today’s peridot comes from Arizona, yet, stones seldom exceed 3 carats in size. Peridot is likewise found in Australia, Brazil, China, Myanmar (Burma) and Pakistan.

Enhancements – Peridot is entirely natural in color and clarity. There are no known commercial treatments being done to enhance these beautiful apple green gemstones.

The owner of a beautiful peridot will treasure the fact that their peridot is among the few colored gemstones in today’s market that presents the exact color and clarity that nature created, with it’s beauty brought to the surface strictly by the artistry of the gemstone’s cutter.