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January Birthstone – Garnet


Garnet is a type of gemstone that comes in a virtual rainbow of color variations. The name “garnet” is from the Latin word for grain, because of the circular shape of the crystals, in addition to the Greek word “granatum” for the pomegranate seed. The most widely known types of garnets are the red forms, which are named Almandite, Pyrope, and Rhodolite.

These gemstones come in a variety of colorations from medium to dark reddish orange (Almandite and Pyrope) to purplish red to reddish purple (Rhodolite). Garnets are the traditional birthstones for January, however red does not have to be your color of choice.

Additional, more intriguing gems from the garnet family being used by jewelers today, consist of pinkish orange tones (Malaia) to those that display a range of colors that can change tones, depending on the light source.  These are often referred to as “color change garnets.” Lesser known garnets come in a yellowish orange (Spessartite), as well as the less common varieties that occur in green tones (Tsavorite and Demantoid).

Enhancements – All varieties of garnet are totally natural in color and clarity. There are no known commercial treatments done today to enhance these beautiful gems. Owners of any one of garnet’s beautiful colors will treasure the fact that their garnet is among the few colored gemstones in the market today that displays the exact color and clarity that nature created, with it’s beauty brought out through the artistic skills of the cutter.