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June Birthstone – Pearl

Wilson_Pearl_JewelryThe pearl is unique in the world of gemstones, because it is the sole gemstone created from within a living creature. Known as the birthstone for the month of June, pearls are a cherished gift of the sea and revered for their colors, shapes, sizes and luster.

Since the supply of naturally occurring pearls was depleted, man discovered how to cultivate them by implanting an irritant into oysters, which developed pearls featuring the same outer appearance as their natural counterpart.

Cultured pearls are farmed and harvested in many areas of the globe, such as the fresh waters of the Tennessee River, and are available in several beautiful colors, from the palest cream and white to rose, lilac, green, gold, gray and the striking Tahitian black. The majority, however, come from Japan, China and the South Pacific.

Today, the pearls from the Japanese Akoyah oysters are becoming the most treasured, as unfavorable biological and environmental factors have decreased the availability of larger and finer quality pearls from the salt waters of Japan. Human innovation, however, has compensated for natures adversities as man has honed the cultivation of the larger freshwater oysters in the lakes of China, bringing about an abundant crop of beautiful cultured pearls ranging from lustrous white to naturally occurring soft pastel colors.

To discover beautiful pearls in much larger sizes, greater than nine and ten millimeters in diameter, one must look to warm seas of the South Pacific, where splendid whites from Australia and dramatic natural blacks from Tahiti are harvested to design one-of-a-kind necklaces or combined with diamonds for magnificent pieces of jewelry.

In the cultivation process of all pearls, man can merely begin the process by implanting an irritant within the muscle of the oyster. After that, it is up to the mollusk to bring forth a fine gem, a very poor gem, or something in-between. Similar to the way any gemstone is judged, the value of any pearl will hinge upon the rarity, beauty, size, color, luster and degree of perfection.

In the case of a strand of pearls, the quality of how well the pearls are matched is also a significant consideration. In the world of pearls, there is something for everyone.

Enhancements – Today, cultured and freshwater pearls are often bleached to attain a uniform color. Sometimes they are polished in tumblers to achieve better roundness and luster.