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March Birthstone – Aquamarine

Wilson_Aquamarine_JewelryLatin for “seawater,” aquamarine inspires visions of the transparent blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Aquamarine is identifiable by its flawless crystallization and greenish-blue color, similar to the Caribbean water that is so clear, you are able to see through the water’s surface to the sandy floor below.

As the birthstone for March, aquamarine varies greatly from its most celebrated relative, the emerald. Both are from the gemstone group known as beryl. In contrast to emeralds, which are nearly always imperfect (having visible inclusions) aquamarines are virtually always flawless (no visible inclusions under 10power magnification).

Aquamarine has been credited with instilling courage, curing laziness and invigorating the intellect.  In some cultures, it bore the reputation for bringing happiness and perpetual youth. Brazil is the largest supplier of aquamarine today, with the natural color from this region tending to be a bluish-green. Additional sources of aquamarine are Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Russia, and the island of Sri Lanka.

Enhancements – Aquamarines that are readily available today are usually enhanced with controlled heating. Naturally occurring bluish-green gemstones are heated in this way to remove the green, resulting in a more aestheticly pleasing blue hue. The treatment has become a very common and accepted enhancement method for aquamarine gemstones, and is one that is permanent for the life of the gemstone.