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October Birthstone – Tourmaline

Wilson_Tourmaline_JewelryTourmaline, like garnet and sapphire, occurs in nearly every color of the rainbow from delicate pastel tones to bold and vivid colors that excite the senses.  The people of ancient Ceylon referred to these beautiful gems as “turmali”, the Sinhalese word for “many colors.”

Varying brilliant hues within the tourmaline group are such that they require a name that differentiates them from the more common hues.  The intense reds and hot pinks are called “Rubellite,” vibrant greens that crystallized with the chemical chromium and are called “Chrome Tourmaline,” and the violet to greenish blues are referred to as “Indicolite.”  The pink variety is often used as the birthstone for October.

Not only does tourmaline occur in such a striking range of color, a few of these colors occur in a single gem and are called “bi-color” or “parti-colored” tourmalines.  In fact, one color combination called “watermelon” tourmaline, occurs with a pink center and green perimeter.  Tourmaline is mined in many regions of the world including Brazil, Afghanistan, East Africa and the United States.

Enhancements – Color enhancement of tourmalines is quite common.  Dark blue, blue green, and green tourmalines are frequently heated and/or irradiated to improve their color.  Heat and irradiation color enhancement of tourmaline is permanent.  Vaughan’s Jewelers can help you find the perfect tourmaline jewelry pieces for the one you love.