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September Birthstone – Sapphire

Wilson_Sapphire_JewelryBirthstone for the month of September, the name “sapphire” comes from the Greek word “Sappheiros”, which means “blue”.  Yet, sapphires are created in nature in a wide range of colors, from very light to very dark blue, bluish green, yellow, brown, pink, violet, slightly reddish orange, and a beautiful pinkish-orange that is referred to as “padparadscha”.  The name “padparadscha” is derived from the Sinhalese for “lotus flower”.

The mineral name for sapphire is Corundum.  Its pure red form is known as a ruby.  The finest sapphire color in the blue hues is a rich, velvety, cornflower blue known as “Kashmir”, which credits the area of India where these precious jewels were formerly mined.  Nearly all current production comes from Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Australia, Africa and Montana.

Sapphire will occasionally occur in nature in such a way that many needle-like inclusions inside the gemstone are oriented in precisely the right angles within the stone that produce a phenomenon that is called “asterism”.  This results in a six-pointed star that appears to float just beneath the surface of the gemstone when subjected to an incandescent light source.

These gems will often range from translucent to opaque and they depend on the cutters artistry to fashion them into a polished, domed shape known as “cabochon”.

Enhancements – As is the case with many colored stones, sapphires are sometimes enhanced to improve their color and their clarity, the most notable being controlled heating.  Many enhancement procedures are commonly recognized and accepted throughout the jewelry industry and, in virtually all cases, these enhancements are irreversible, permanent, and will produce a gemstone that is more beautiful.

One should be wary, however, of enhancement techniques that are not permanent. If you intend to purchase any fine colored gemstone you should deal with a jeweler who is gemologically trained to explain the differences.  Vaughan’s Jewelers in Wilson, NC has a well trained staff that can help you choose the best sapphire jewelry for you.